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Tags Ten Steps To Profitable Trading

Tag: Ten Steps To Profitable Trading

Income Investing Secrets Systems

Product Name: Income Investing Secrets Systems Click here to know about the system and get Income Investing Secrets Systems at discounted price while it's still...

ADDICTED TO PROFITS Premium membership service

Our niche is in the resource sector of investments. Mr. Skarica, our founder, is a consultant to many mining companies. If you are interested in this sector, Addicted to Profits offers an unprecedented perspective of precious metals. If you follow the masses and adhere to media predictions then Addicted to Profits is not right for you. If, however, you’re not afraid to go against the grain and like to think outside box by buying when others are selling, and you enjoy undervalued assets then Addicted to Profits is your bible for investing. Our recent performance includes 200-400 percent gains in stocks such as Barrick Gold, Galane Gold, New Market Gold among other precious metals companies as we positioned in gold equities in early 2016. In 2018 we again turned bearish and had 100 percent plus gains on put options on companies such as Skyworks SWKS, Sotheby’s BID and Ferrari RACE .
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