Primexbt Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, 50 plus Assets, 4 Tier Referral Program

Primexbt  Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, 50 plus Assets, 4 Tier Referral Program

Have you heard of Primexbt?  Are they legit cryptocurrency exchange platform and can you trust them? We did a bit of digging and this post will tell you everything we found out about Primexbt.  Okay, folks welcome to yet another interesting review post at

Like I said, today we’re going to look at the cryptocurrency exchange platform known as Primexbt.  In this review we shall be breaking down Primexbt, analyzing it based on a couple of metrics, and eventually giving it a score that would be an indication of whether or not we think it is a good idea to trade on Primexbt.


The metrics which we would be using to review the Primexbt websites or platform include:

•             General information and background company registration. 

•             A review with and

•             Services fees deposit methods

•             Trading platforms privacy and security

•             Customer support and social media presence

•             Their unique 4 tier referral program

•             Conclusion

But before we start to dig deep into the research & analysis for Primexbt, here is some info about us.  If you’re new to, At this website, we discuss everything business and finance related,  how to make money online,  we review businesses, websites and apps about investing, futures, forex, stocks, technology, and personal finance, etc.

Now let’s get some background information about Primexbt.

Primexbt is an online bitcoin-based exchange that offers cryptocurrencies and commodities for trading on its platform with leverage options.  Primexbt was registered in Seychelles in 2018 under the holding company name “Primexbt trading services” [148707] They launched their trading services in early 2019. You can trade many different assets, over 50 of them and that’s what makes Primexbt so different than most cryptocurrency platforms out there with over 75 employees they have an average daily volume of $545,000,000

Their main office is based in Seychelles. And have offices in St. Vincent and the Grenadines totaling three offices in all. Primexbt also makes use of the liquidity provided by larger exchanges and market makers in the industry the website is available in eight international languages English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. 

Another important point that needs to be emphasized is that Primexbt is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that means that you can essentially choose between two things going long or going short.  “Going long” over here means that you are predicting that a certain cryptocurrency will go high in price and “going short” over here means that you are predicting that a certain cryptocurrency will go low in price.  The exchange emphasizes several advantages with its platform on its website for one you can create an account on the site anonymously and the exchange requires no personal information.

The exchange has a multi-level security system which they argue is industry-leading you can also do leveraged trading with up to 100x as it stands now Primexbt has traders from over 150 different countries.

The Primexbt website domain was privately registered on August 28, 2018, at Namecheap Inc registrar while the domain name as can be seen on this date is due to expire on the 28th of August 2022 that’s virtually four years of domain longevity the domain was last updated on July 20th, 2020.

This to me gives some credibility to the website sustainability review with and rated prime with a trust score of 26 warning users that the site is suspicious and not quite safe to be used even though its domain is quite old gave this site a trust score of 66 warning that there are small risks involved in using the site I think users of Primexbt should be somewhat cautious of its services. Actually, one should be in a habit to go through the Risk warnings, term conditions, etc. of any exchange whether Primexbt or any other anyways, as futures are risky instruments.

Primexbt offers cryptocurrency assets, forex indices and Cfds for trading on its platform the brand provides both exchange and brokerage services the following asset classes are available forex the trading of major and minor currency pairs is available commissions known as trading fees are charged cryptocurrencies their valuable crypto assets are bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Eos commodities.

Traders have the chance to take a position on the pricing of commodities. The world’s most popular indices can be traded on the Primexbt platform some of them are Crude oil, Natural Gas, the S&P500, the Nasdaq, the Japan, Hang Seng Trading, ASX 200, the US dollar, the Euro, etc.  The only acceptable payment currency is bitcoin which effectively makes Primexbt a crypto exchange brokerage.  One can source bitcoin from exchanges either by purchasing with fiat currencies or by using other cryptos to purchase bitcoin, for example, using Ethereum to purchase bitcoin.

Recently all users of its platform have access to the unique covesting platform, which allows you to duplicate the trading strategies used by professional traders.  Primexbt are the first ones to use this feature,  it helps in building a transparent environment under the covesting tab you are given an extensive rundown of cryptocurrency traders,  you can now see the returns fellow traders have made in the last 24 hours, and since they have joined. 

In the terms of fees, Primexbt is on the lower end of exchanges.  Their financing fee varies for each of the coins, The fee on Bitcoin is $3.9 per Bitcoin.   

There are no deposit/withdrawal fees.

The trade fee is charged every time you open or close. 

 0.05 for cryptocurrency trades

0.01 for indices and commodities

 0.001 percent for forex deposits.

 You can use Changelly to purchase bitcoins with your MasterCard or visa card

Method to deposit in the Primexbt account you have to go to the deposit page of your account.  To make a deposit you have several options,  you can directly transfer bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet to your Primexbt wallet you can do that by either scanning the QR code or copying the bitcoin deposit address.

 There is no limit to the deposit amount you can buy bitcoin using your credit card through Primexbts partner CEX. You have to click on buy bitcoin,  a CEX widget will pop up to help you purchase BTC.  After a little while, the funds will reflect in your account because it requires a total of six confirmations on the network trading platforms.

 Primexbt has developed its trading technology and there is extensive functionality that can satisfy traders of most skill levels. For beginners, there is the Primexbt turbo platform which is easy to understand wherein you have full control on an asset over a while for a defined gain,  if your prediction for the price was correct, after a certain amount of time you will get a fixed payout, you can either select to go long or short, you have three choices concerning the duration of these trades they are 30 seconds, 1 minutes or 5 minutes trading for such a short period is always not optimal.  Currently, it supports six different assets.  Privacy and security are one of the biggest concerns for people who are starting in the field of cryptocurrency trading.  if you’re trying to find out if Primexbt is legit,  in this regard be rest assured.

 Primexbt has some great security measures in place when it comes to general assets protection measures.  Primexbt utilizes AWS web servers in London and Frankfurt to run its trading operations smoothly. They are connected with multiple liquidity providers to make sure low latency and smooth pricing on all available assets. AWS is the leader in this particular field, so be assured about their high-quality services.

Apart from some other more general security measures, Primexbt has a very interesting and crypto-specific security measure in place. Primexbt keeps the majority of the crypto assets in cold storage devices, this implies that the crypto assets of investors are kept offline. This is superb if you ask me,  a huge pass mark for the Primexbt platform as many of the high-end cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms do not use this kind of method of security.

This means that if the cryptos are stored and kept in hot wallets it’s a major security hazard since they are always connected to the internet. Cold storage in this case refers to some hardcore device wallets such as trades or the legend Nanos which the platform uses.  These devices do not have any continuous connection to the web which ensures that hackers will not have access to your crypto funds.  They operate secure cold storage protocols that are accessed through multi-signature wallets. Ultra-fast order execution.  10 ms on average execution.  DDoS mitigation technology is also used by Primexbt which is helpful to reduce service interruptions that have harmed other exchanges.  On the user exchange, they have the standard security procedures in place like two-factor authentications as well as mandatory address white labeling.

So security-wise Primexbt is truly a top-tier platform by all standards,  customer support, and social media presence, the platform has a customer support chat and a support email both of these support channels are open for messages 24×7. They also have a prolific social media presence.  They’re present on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram. This is a huge credit to this platform.

The conclusion now is that the brand is technologically driven and they claim to focus on excellent services that guarantee customer satisfaction. The company has implemented several standard security procedures to protect investors from cyber-attacks which are very much there in the crypto world. 

Again the registration process takes less than a minute because no personal details or verification is required.  No documents, government ids, No KYC.  This is super cool.  Anonymously start trading in 60 seconds.

 Only bitcoins are accepted by Primexbt, so a partnership was established with Changelly for traders’ assistance to convert other crypto assets or fiat money they hold into bitcoin.  The Primexbt expertise trading platform provided has factory tools for technical analysis, risk management, and other tools needed by the user to perform his daily trading tasks. Trade executions are very fast and various other types of features are that clients can trade crypto assets with leverage of one by hundred.  leverage trading with bitcoin is the unique selling proposition for Primexbt.

About their unique 4 tier affiliate program

Normally in the affiliate industry, you only see a two-tier maximum but this is the first four-tier affiliate program we can see.  So consider this as a reason to get super excited.  This company is still new and you know what, people have already made almost half a million dollars through their affiliate network.

You refer a trader, the trader trades, you make 20%

Refer an affiliate who refers active traders, make 15%

Refer an affiliate who refers an affiliate that refers an active trader make 10%

and if you refer an affiliate that refers an affiliate that refers an affiliate that refers a trader

you make 5% so this is how it goes four tiers.

So what are you waiting for. Sow your seed and start trading and reaping the benefits in 40 seconds. Use Changelly to purchase bitcoins if you don’t have ready BTC’s in a wallet. Click here to join PrimeXBT. Become a qualified trader, start with 10 USD to 100 usd.  Prime XBT is open to users from around the world although they do restrict users from countries such as the Algeria, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, United States of America, Russian Federation, Sudan, American Samoa, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Canada, Ecuador, United States Minor Outlying islands, and Japan, And the countries or territories where its activity shall be especially accredited, licensed or regulated by other ways.

 Wishing you good luck.

Click here to join PrimeXBT

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